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Aurora ~ Chaotic Battle

Aurora watched surprised as the Ruber Tribe leader fell to the ground with a thud. Blood poured out of the large hole that now adorned his head. “What the……” These words ghosted her lips as the realization sank in. A small Pokemon ran to Aecor’s side and attempted to wake him with no success. Enraged, the small Pokemon screamed the order to attack. Instantly the quiet area erupted with the sounds of battle. Attacks were fired in every direction as the two sides collided into a large group. Aurora stood beside Lordus frozen in shock and in horror. She wasn’t used to seeing the effects of war first hand; only hearing about the battles from the warriors that visited the ruins. Aurora herself was a merciful fighter unless she was left with no other options. The sight of the gore and cruelty was too much for her to handle.

Just then a series of loud bangs echoed throughout the air. The loud sound was enough to snap Aurora out of her daze as her attention was drawn to the source of the sound; humans. They started firing mercilessly on both sides, striking down many Pokemon. A Vaporeon who was charging Aurora collapsed to the ground in front of her as a bullet passed through the side of it; splattering blood all over. It was then that something snapped inside Aurora.

“Enough of this! If we keep this up all of us will be killed by the humans!” She spoke through clinched teeth as the bulbs on her neck and tail started to glow. Aurora uncoiled her body and flew up into the sky high above the group. The sun slowly disappeared as mean-looking, gray clouds gathered in the sky. Lighting started dancing throughout the clouds in a beautiful, but deadly, performance as it lent its power to some of the electric Pokemon in the area. Aurora turned her attention to a section of the group that was mainly Ruber Tribe and unleashed her attack. The clouds began to gather and swirl as a rope-like twister formed and dropped right on top of the group. The Pokemon screamed as they were sucked up by the twister and thrown to all parts. Some hit trees, and others the surrounding rocks, with a force powerful enough to crush bone. The twister began to grow wider and thicker as it gain power. Soon dirt and branches were being absorbed and tossed by the powerful winds.

A figure caught Aurora’s attention as it weaved in and out through the crowd of Pokemon; a human. She watched as the human met up with another of its’ kind who was hidden. Aurora was about to turn her destructive twister on them when she was knocked out of the sky by a large chunk of ice. Her body hit the ground and slid a ways before coming to a rest. The twister dissipated and the winds slowly calmed back down as Aurora struggled to sit up. The attack that hit her was strong and managed to do quite a bit of damage. Knocked out of her blind rage, she realized she had left Lordus by himself. She knew he could handle himself in fight but the thought of him taking on a group by himself worried her. Aurora slammed an approaching Pokemon with an Aqua Tail before taking to the sky once more; this time to search for Lordus.
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