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Chapter 6
Sakura woke up to noises of a bird chirping, as she was opening her eyes, she heard Jaken's voice faintly saying,"Lord Sesshomaru! What do you think you're doing?" Sesshomaru kinda gave Jaken one of his serious looks and he gulped in fear, backing away very quickly,"Uh...never mind. It's none of my business."

"Huh? What's going on here?" Sakura opened her eyes and noticed she was curled up very tightly in Sesshomaru's arm. She blushed very brightly, pulling away from him, getting up to her feet,"What the the hell do you think you're doing!?"

"Will you at least give me an answer for once?" Sakura told him.

"How dare you insult milord! Apologize at once!" Jaken yelled.

"Jaken!" Sesshomaru suddenly interrupted.

"Uh...yes, milord?" The toad questioned.

"Shut up," Sesshomaru told him.

"Yes milord." Jaken suddenly went quiet. Rin giggled at Jaken.

"Sister, you left your stuff at the inn." Rin handed Sakura a bag.

"Thank you Rin," she grinned. She went and got dressed and bathed and then she pulled out her bow and arrows,"I'm going hunting. Be back in a bit." She went out into the forest, trying to find any animal she could kill for food. Suddenly she heard the bushes behind her rustling. Quickly she turned around, attaching an arrow to her bow and pointing it towards the bush,"Who's there? Come out or I'll shoot!"

Out of the bushes came a man, with dog ears on top of his head. He had long silver hair, wore a red kimono and had a sword attached to his hip,"I thought, I smelled Sesshomaru. But I guess not."

Sakura lowered her bow,"You know Lord Sesshomaru? And you look like him. Who are you?"

"I should be asking you that. You have my brother's scent all over you," he told her. "Now, who are you?"

"Hey! That's none of your business, you know," Sakura told him.

"Why are you so defensive? I was just wondering. And if you really want to know, I'm Inuyasha. Now, why do you reek of Sesshomaru!?" Inuyasha demanded.

"If you must know, I'm traveling with him. Now will you leave me alone?" Sakura turned to walk away.

"Leave you alone?!" Inuyasha blurted. "It's not my fault you smell like that bastard!"

Suddenly out from the bushes, came Sesshomaru as he attacked Inuyasha. From where he was, he was able to smell Inuyasha was in the area. She turned around,"Lord Sesshomaru, what are you doing?"

Sesshomaru ignored her as he flexed his claws getting ready to attack, while still in mid air. His target, Inuyasha.

"Ha! This again, huh?" Inuyasha pulled out Tetsusaiga just in time to block Sesshomaru's attacks. Inuyasha knew the demon's speed and had a two second window, which he used to his advantage. Whenever the two seen each other, they always had to go at it. It was a never-ending battle between the two of them, each time. Lately thought the battles have been about Tetsusaiga personally as Sesshomaru felt the sword should have been his not his filthy half brother's.

"Take a taste of my poison claws," stated Sesshomaru as he attacked, hoping this time to finally do away with that annoying half breed.

Since this was always the way his brother attacked, Inuyasha smirked avoiding the claws once again. However with the speed Sesshomaru possessed, Inuyasha managed to get away just in time, avoiding him. The acid burnt into a tree, causing the tree to crash to the ground, nearly falling on top of Sakura.

"Hey! Watch it!" The woman yelled in fright, as she jumped out of the way, just in time. She couldn't believe the two. They hadn't been in the open area for more than two seconds and they were already attacking like they were about to kill each other. "Why are you two fighting anyway? You're not fighting over me are you?"

"This has nothing to do with you!" Inuyasha barked, dodging another attack, this time by this brother's glowing whip.

"It has everything to do with her," Sesshomaru replied with a cold calm. "I don't want someone around me who has this half breed's stench on them," he told her.

"Ha! So that's why. Well, you're not beating me!" Inuyasha yelled as he allowed this moment to finally attack, seeing an opening. But he knew the opening wasn't going to last for long. Sesshomaru was quite smart and very sharp. Always on his toes and with just a slight miscalculation, could be the end of the world for him and that was something he wasn't going to let his brother get the pleasure of seeing, at least not today. "Normally, you're after this sword!"

Sesshomaru's eyes had adverted towards the human woman for a second, which Inuyasha used. His eyes quickly drifted back to the battle just in time for him to ball his fist, punching the blade away from his face. The force of the blow forced Inuyasha back a little, giving ample time for Sesshomaru to counter.

Sakura gasped, afraid of what Sesshomaru was going to do when she saw acid dripping from his claws. She jumped to stand between the two fighting, wanting to stop them in their tracks. "You two! Stop this useless fighting at once!"

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed. If she was going to get in his way, so be it. He wasn't about to let a human get in his way of killing his brother. Even if that human happened to be in his company. Then again why was he allowing her to stay with him… of course that stood to reason. Her sister saved his life and he too returned the favor.

"You idiot!" Inuyasha snapped as he reached forward, grabbing Sakura, pushing her out of the way just in time to take a swipe of his sword, causing Sesshomaru to jump back. "If anyone should back down, it's him! Sesshomaru's the one who started it."

Sakura rolled on the ground out of the way but she wasn't going to let that stop her from trying to stop the two. "I don't care who started it!" she rushed out.

"As I said before," Sesshomaru stated. "I will not allow anyone around me with that scent."

"If anyone stinks around here, it's you, you bastard!" Inuyasha lifted his sword with both hands, aiming it in front of him, getting ready to attack. He was getting ready for another round when the scent of blood eluded his nose. He recognized the scent as being Kagome's. What the hell just happened? He had only left her alone a few minutes ago. "Kagome," he whispered before turning his gaze to his brother. "Fine!" He re-sheathed Tetsusaiga. "I don't have time for this." He turned, taking a huge jump into a nearby tree, rushing off towards the scent.

Sesshomaru had smelt the human blood at the same time as Inuyasha had. He knew the scent belonged to that strange human girl who wore strange clothing. He wasn't sure what bothered him more, the girl's idea of clothes or her fiery spirit to actually challenge him. He would never forget how she pulled out Tetsusaiga from it's resting place when he nor Inuyasha could pull it out and he would never forget how she was able to damage his armor that time when Naraku gave him the human arm.

Kagome stood up to him in the same way as Sakura stood up to him. Expect Sakura had actually frought with him one on one. He could remember all too clearly when Sakura was fighting with him when they had first met. The woman had put up a pretty good decent fight as well. It had actually impressed him to see a human could actually be that strong. She frought him with the strength of a full demon. And her sword held a lot of power in it, as well. Her strength and guts to stand up to him was what led up to him letting her and her sister Rin travel with him.

"That was really weird. Lord Sesshomaru why did..." She noticed he was walking away,"Hey! Don't just walk away without answering my questions!" She ran to catch up to him.

As she followed after him, Sesshomaru still didn't answer her. He just mumbled,"Hmm," as they both walked back to camp.

"Fine! Be that way! See if I care!" Sakura was angry. Even though she said she didn't care, if she really didn't care, why was she getting angry?

'Because, you like him, just admit it,' said a voice in her head.

'I do not! Sesshomaru means nothing to me!' Sakura yelled at the voice in her head.

'Then why are you getting angry about it?' Questioned the voice.

'I'm not angry, just frustrated,' said Sakura,'Just who are you anyway?'

'I'm you Sakura. I'm the part of yourself that you've hidden away from the world for far too long. The part that knows how to open up to people and have fun.'

'I don't have fun,' Sakura sighed.

'Of course. It's cause you've forgotten how,' said the voice.

"Uh...hello? Sister are you ok?" Rin was suddenly pulling on her kimono trying to get her attention.

Sakura never even realized they had gotten back to camp,"Oh, uh...ya? What is it Rin?"

"You were kinda in a daze there. I asked what did you bring back to eat?" Rin grinned.

"Crap!" Sakura realized she was supposed to bring back food and had forgotten. That little run in with Inuyasha had distracted her and made her forget. She then ran back out into the trees with her bow and arrows.

As she sneaked around the trees, out popped a huge deer. It was male too, so she didn't have to worry about if the deer had a baby or not. He was a pretty large deer at that, too. He was large and brown, and hard very long antlers on top of of his head. He was very beautiful. She hated to kill such a pretty creature, but she had no choice. She needed food after all.

She attached an arrow to her bow. The deer noticed her just then and tried to get away. But it wasn't fast enough and she let the arrow fly, catching the deer in the side as he was in mid jump. He had been trying to jump into some bushes to get away, but hadn't gotten away fast enough. His limp body then fell over dead, onto the grass.

"Got you!" She placed the bow back around her back, then walked over to the dead animal, lifting it up onto her shoulders, walking back towards where they were all camping out at. The group ate and headed out. As they were walking it was getting hotter and hotter. Sakura wipped her brow as she sighed,"Damn, it's hot."

Sesshomaru suddenly stopped in his tracks,"I smell water," he told her.

"Really?" Sakura panted in the heat.

"You and Rin can go cool off in the river, but be quick about it," Sesshomaru pointed out. He then went and sat down against a tree to relax until the girls got back.

"Ok, come on Rin." She took her sister by the hand and led the sweating child in the direction Sesshomaru had pointed her out towards. In the child's free hand she held her doll, as she walked with Sakura towards the river.

"Ahhhh, much better," Sakura sighed as her and Rin drank the nice cold water and ran it though their hair and over their bodies. As they were doing that though, Rin suddenly screamed. Sakura looked up,"What is...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Back at the campsite, Sesshomaru suddenly jerked his head up, where he had been dozing off a bit. He jumped to his feet and ran in the direction of Sakura's screams. By the time he got there he was too late. Sakura was gone and Rin laid on the ground unconscious,"Rin!" Sesshomaru cried running to the girl's side. He lifted her up into his one arm.

"Lord Sesshomaru," Rin mumbled, opening her eyes,"She took her. A woman with dark hair took my sister away, on a feather. It was Kagura."

"I know. I can smell her from here. I can also smell Sakura's blood." As Sesshomaru had said that, Jaken walked up,"Jaken take care of Rin."

"Yes, milord," said Jaken, taking Rin from him.

Sesshomaru took to the sky following after Kagura. Unlucky for him though, Inuyasha's group had came across Kagura first,"Let her go Kagura!" Inuyasha yelled jumping up at her, on Kirara's back,"Iron Reaper Soul Stealer!"

"Be careful, Inuyasha!" Kagome cried, from down on the ground. Her head was bandaged up and she had a small bandage on her left cheek. She had been hurt by a demon earlier which was when Inuyasha had stopped his attack on Sesshomaru and went to help her.

"Stay back Kagome! You're still hurt," Inuyasha told her.

Sango jumped to her feet throwing her hiraikotsu at Kagura,"Hiraikotsu!"

Sakura screamed as she fell to the ground. Miroku opened up his Wind Tunnel to pull her towards him. Then at the last second closed it and grabbed the woman in his arms. But as he grabbed her, his hands just HAD to touch her bottom,"Hey!" Sakura punched him in the head,"What do you think you're doing!?" And before Sango even had a chance to notice, Sakura slapped Miroku hard across his face, as she struggled out of his arms.

"I was just making sure you were ok," says Miroku.

"Ya, right! I know a pervert when I see one." As she said that, Sakura fell over in pain. She actually WAS hurt, after all.

"Seems you really are injured. Let me help you. I am a monk," Miroku pointed out. As Miroku tended to Sakura's wounds, Inuyasha, Sango, Kirara and Shippo continued fighting Kagura.

"Dance of Blades!" Kagura cried out, her attack hitting Sango, who cried out in pain.

"Sango!" Inuyasha yelled, crying out the woman's name as Sango was sent flying backwards by Kagura's attack.

"Sango!" Kagome cried out. She got up to her feet, from where she had been laying in her sleeping bag that she'd brought over from her time,"Kagura! You'll regret that!"

"No, Kagome! Don't do it!" Inuyasha told her.

Kagome felt a bit light headed, as she pulled out her bow, attached an arrow to it and fired at Kagura, who dodged her attack, but as she dodged Inuyasha came up from behind Kagura slashing her across the back with his sword. But as he cut into her kimono a surprise awaited him. There was the spider mark imprinted on Kagura's back, like how it was on Naraku's back,"What the!" Inuyasha was shocked at what he saw. That of course gave Kagura the chance to get away, before Inuyasha could question her about it.

Kagome fell to the ground holding her head in pain, dropping her bow. She felt like her whole world was spinning out of control, as her head hurt like crazy,"Kagome!" Inuyasha cried, running to her side. He held her in his arms.

"I'll be fine, Inuyasha. Check on that woman who Kagura was trying to carry off," Kagome weakly requested.

Inuyasha helped Kagome to sit against a tree, and he went over to Sakura,"Hey, you ok? I never got your name you know."

"It's Sakura," she told him, as she coughed,"Who are you people? I met you Inuyasha but who are your friends?"

Sango stepped over,"I'm Sango." She then pointed out the others as Kagome, Miroku, Kirara, Shippo and Myoga.

"Nice to meet you all," Sakura coughed.

Kagome panicked,"Inuyasha! Grab my bag. Inside is a bottle of pills. She's to swallow one with water."

Inuyasha nodded and went over to Kagome's bag, pulling out the bottle of pain pills. He gave Sakura one pill with a cup of water,"What's this?" She questioned him.

"It'll help. Just take it." Inuyasha held Sakura's head up as she took the pill, helping her take it. Miroku had already taken care of her wounds and they were all bandaged up. The pill made Sakura dozy and she dozed off to sleep.

The group laid Sakura in Kagome's sleeping bag as she slept, taking care of her. Course then Sesshomaru just happened to come up,"Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha took out Tetsusaiga. But Sesshomaru just ignored him, as he lifted Sakura up from the bag, and walked away, carrying her off. Inuyasha was shocked beyond belief as for once Sesshomaru wasn't trying to fight him. He just came to collect Sakura and be on his way.

Please check out my InuYasha fanfiction and tell me what you think.
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