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I've had quite a few notable tricky catches in my Pokemon gaming experience:

Cryogonal in Black - This thing was so hard to catch, even though I was using Dusk Balls (since Twist Mountain is a cave), it ended up taking me 8 Dusk Balls to catch the darn thing.

Feebas before 5th Gen - I could never find it at all lol, Black was the first game in which I legitimately caught a Feebas. Having to look for certain tiles is such a pain and I'm so glad 5th Gen made it easier to get.

Most Legendary Pokemon - Particularly ones with strong moves.

Beldum family - One of the few non-Legendaries with that dreaded catch rate of 3, it's just so hard to snag unless if you wait a few turns so Timer Balls can be more effective. Thankfully Timer Balls are more effective in 5th Gen then they were previously.

Pikachu in R/S/E - They are super-rare in the Safari Zone, and they are pretty tricky to catch because they can run easily.
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