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Originally Posted by thegameman12 View Post
Username: thegameman12
Game(s): Sapphire
District: 4 (I hear DO YOU LIKE MUDKIPZ coming soon(Hint UPDATE 1))

This will be fun. It look so fun.
Awesome! I'll add you on the list ASAP.

Originally Posted by Anszkz.DkLt View Post
Umm.. Can I use Mew as my HM slave?
Only if absolutely necessary. But it's not necessary. Just catch a Barboach and use it for Surf, Waterfall, Strength, and Dive. If Barboach is not available to you at the beginning (I'm pretty sure it's not), just use what's available at the beginning, then swap it out for the Barboach. The best part is, you can train Barboach, since it's a Ground- type, and actually use it, so it doesn't just take up space. For Fly, Strength, and Rock Smash, catch a Flygon. And for Cut, just catch something stupid, I guess, like a Zigzagoon, but don't use it unless it's Ground- or Fire- type.
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