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Originally Posted by Craftymango View Post
Hey guys im new here and hoping to make a good impression on the community, I run a channel called Craftymango!

Pokemon from birth till deaht!
I've seen your threads around our Let's Play section! That's awesome, man. Oh here's a tip: putting your channel's link in your signature (and perhaps the thread links of your LPs in PC) would make it much easier for people to access your work. :)

Welcome to PC, Craftymango! I'm glad to see that you're also posting around in other places and contributing to these discussions. I wish you luck on your LPs and I hope you'll be able to stay for a long time here at our forum. We have lots of sections to check out so you won't run out of things that'd draw you in. ;D

Originally Posted by Anszkz.DkLt View Post
Hey guys...

I'm Anszkz.DkLt which is my codename in a group me and my friends created...

Anszkz stands for "Aneszkiez" which is a nonsensical name that me and my friends have come up for our group...

DkLt stands for DarkLIGHT which is my individual codename in the group so I guess you could call me that or David... Idk, it's totally your choice...

I'm a fresh HS graduate and I'm hoping to get in my country's flagship state university (University of the Philippines) this coming school year...

Oh and btw, yes, I do use the ellipsis (...) a lot... Seriously...
Yo! I'm from the Philippines too, and if you're going to the main campus of that state university, we might actually be going to the exact same university this coming school year. :D That's really cool! Anszkz sounds like a really difficult name to pronounce, heheh. I think I'll just call you David.

Congrats on graduating high school by the way! I hope that you'll be able to get into U.P. too. Just make sure you can balance your priorities and recreational activities well, so that you don't make the same mistakes that I did as a freshman. Oh and I used to type with a ton of ellipsis too when I was new, haha. I guess it's a common thing Filipinos do. :P

Welcome to PC and I hope to see more of you! VM me if you need help with anything, bro.

Originally Posted by Enestor27 View Post
Hi guys I'm new here. I just came here mostly to discover the new news of pokemon and finding new poke hacks to play on my free time. I forgot to mention my name is Enestor (don't ask how the name came about, it's a weird story). But I do actually do videos, if you were wondering just type my name on a youtube search and you'll find me, but I just wanted to just branch out to the pokecommunity. I hope to see some interesting news and hacks from this website :D
Hey Enestor. Your name actually sounds pretty unique and interesting, as weird as its backstory might be (according to you, but we all have our weird stories, so I don't think it'd be that weird, haha). Like Cirno and Megan said, this place is actually a good site to discuss news related to Pokémon. We have an incredible active X and Y section that often keeps itself up-to-date with the discussion and speculation of released info. :)

Like Craftymango, you can also put your YT channel in your signature! I'm glad you decided to branch out to this forum in particular, though. I believe you'll find what you're looking for if it's hacks and interesting news (although we lean on the discussion part of these new information). So welcome, and enjoy your stay!