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Originally Posted by Drazza View Post
Hai, i'll keep it short

Name is Drazza, just Drazza, please dont shorten it to Drazz, cuz people tend to do that and i hate that:p

i am old, i think and i came here via google, i was wonderhing how i could combine the GBA, with pkmn( fav game from childhood still love it cant help itXD) and well i hanvnt figured it out yet, reading guides and stuff

anyway going to roam the forums trying to find my answers, and see if i can be of help:D
Hi there, Drazza! I think you might want to rephrase your question, because front what I'm reading I assume you want to learn about Rom hacking? We indeedy have a large section about everything rom hacking in the Emulation section, just within the Creative Discussions section! I'm sure you'll find what you need!

Hope the forums treat you well! Have fun! :)

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