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Originally Posted by Drazza View Post
Hai, i'll keep it short

Name is Drazza, just Drazza, please dont shorten it to Drazz, cuz people tend to do that and i hate that:p

i am old, i think and i came here via google, i was wonderhing how i could combine the GBA, with pkmn( fav game from childhood still love it cant help itXD) and well i hanvnt figured it out yet, reading guides and stuff

anyway going to roam the forums trying to find my answers, and see if i can be of help:D
Hey, Drazza!

I'm not sure what help it is you need in particular yet, but if you wish to learn how to ROM hack then the Emulation section is a good place to check out, like Megan said. ^^; If by any chance you mean you simply want to play one of the Pokémon games available on the GBA, and you have a GBA emulator in your hands, I think you'll need to download a ROM of the Pokémon game in question somewhere off-site, and then load up that ROM after downloading it using your emulator. PC doesn't allow any form of ROM sharing or distribution, so if you're still in the step of finding a ROM, you have to search Google once again for a download link. But if you already have it, then it's pretty simple to set-up. Of course, I may be interpreting your question incorrectly. Perhaps you actually mean that you have an actual GBA handheld device and an actual Pokémon game cartridge, I don't know. XD; Maybe you can PM me your situation with a little elaboration and I can continue helping you out through private messages (I won't be able to share ROMs though).

For any further help, I suggest asking in the appropriate Quick Questions thread of the section related to your question. In this case, one of the Quick Questions threads in our Emulation section would suffice. ;)

I hope you'll be able to find what it is you are looking for somewhere around this forums! Welcome and maybe stick around even after getting your answer, yeah? This place is fun and it houses much more than Pokémon gaming help. :)