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Why do you think cat and dog Pokemon are often so weak?

Well, compared to a lot of other animals, cats and dogs aren't exactly the strongest. A lot of them are also accustomed to the life of pets (here in the real world that is, which may also be the image they're going for), which I guess kinda weakens them, as they aren't always on guard and hunting and such, and the most distinctive thing that remains of the wild animals they once were, are their congenital instincts. Cats and dogs are also really "generic" animals, and just seeing how many of them there are, it'd make sense not to make all of them too powerful and such. I mean, they kinda form a parallel category to Bug Pokemon, since there's a lot of them, and they're all based on real-life animals, although there aren't quite as many as there are Bug Pokemon, and it just wouldn't really make sense to give them their own typing.

But yeah, that's not to say that all cat and dog Pokemon are weak, as there are some strong ones (mostly belonging to the dog category), but they are generally quite weak. As I said, I think it may be because they're such a large group, and making the weaker ones stronger would just kinda make things unbalanced, as it could be on scale with making Bug types stronger.

...sorry I'm rambling so much s_s
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