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Quote originally posted by elarmasecreta:
The logo looks nice, but I doubt it'd look good if you scaled down the game to the GBA's resolution.
UHHHH.... Arma, This is the original (already scaled down) size of the title screen. I had it bigger, but RPG Maker XP wanted a specific size so I had to re-adjust it to this small. No GBA involved. xD

Quote originally posted by elarmasecreta:
Maybe we can have three versions, each with one of the special Pokemon. Every time you start up the game one of the three will be displayed at random.
This is a great idea! I will be constructing more titles with those events as I go! Spiritomb also will have a big event in Ambient during the Candlewick Tower saga.

EDIT: Here is a link image to the recolored Trainer Classes that I have created (no customs as of yet):