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Eh. Virgil was introduced too close to the Pokemon League for me to even decide if I like him or not. Now, Luke on the other hand is a cutie. He's not much of a battling rival, but I do like him because he's one of the most unique rivals in the anime. Cameron was funny because he's so headstrong and silly, but again, introduced too close to the Pokemon League. We always get one new rival near the league, I know, but two is too much. Burgundy on the other hand is the best. She's so funny and I love how she's only a C class sommilier. Georgia was never a favorite of mine, but I do like her because of her hairstyle. And, finally, Bianca always reminded me of a female incarnation of Barry. Despite that I love her for rushing into things so often. Well, you are right we somewhat saw them all the time. Then again Best Wishes wasn't as long as the other sagas...
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