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Let's talk about jobs.

Do you have one/have you had them before? What do/did you do? Did you like it? Anything else you want to talk about? We can chit-chat if you want. ;)


Personally I've been at the same pizza job for 3.5 years (4 in August!). I make pizza mostly, and serve/cashier when needed. I open, so I set up pizza line and am usually up front by myself until about 11:30-12. I'm now officially a shift supervisor, so now I actually have the power to do stuff I either already was doing or knew how to do. Means a bit more responsibility, though, and I am all about dodging responsibility when I can help it. :p

It's a pretty fun job. I love making food. My co-workers are mostly awesome. It's like a huge family there. I'm pretty sure that's the biggest reason I've stuck around so long (after not having a degree and other job skills...). The only huge downside is I still don't get paid very much, but nobody there does. Oh well.

Also I love getting free food every day I work. It's awesome. <3
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