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I worked at Subway for two years. It was an OK job. I'd say it's better than Tim Horton's or Macdonald's. You don't get breaks or anything, and you aren't promised discounts or anything (it depends on the owner), but the job itself isn't that hard and is enjoyable enough. You don't end up smelling awful at the end of the day, either. The week I spent at Tim Horton's and Burger King... /shudder

Walmart was great, but they're big on worker exploitation. I didn't think it was that bad until I started working at Maxi where I get raises, don't count the til, don't have to do stock or anything... It's way more lax, compared to Walmart where you were forced to sell MasterCards or be fired. Good thing I was good at that lol

Work History:

★ Burger King (2009) ★

Quit after I figured out I replaced the girl who got her finger cut off. Also, not a good job overall.

★ Sweet Dreams Ice Cream (May-July 2010) ★

Quit after my boss accused me of stealing, even though I had evidence to prove that the 40$ never actually existed ("test" orders gone wrong.)

★ Subway (August 2010-June 2012)★

Two different locations, same owner for 38h/week. Free sandwiches, drinks. It was a good entry-level job in order to get better jobs later (experience, etc.)

★ Walmart (May 2012-October 2012) ★

Overall, it was a decent job; better than Subway. People liked me. The boss liked me (because I sold lots of MCs) but the threat of being fired for any little reason was daunting. No raises. Breaks, though.

★ Tim Horton's (October 2012) ★

Quit because the staff was horrible - they encouraged theft and wouldn't sell me things; I had to steal them if I wanted them - and it was mega exploitation. Seriously. They didn't pay over-time but required you to stay until someone else showed up for their shift. No raises. I started lower than any other job I've ever done. Requires a lot of work for said pay. Breaks were not guaranteed. Clients are crappy. The assistant manager wasn't too bad, but the manager herself was... ugh. Plus, it was a huge downgrade from Walmart. I felt insulted lol

★ Maxi (October 2012-Present) ★

Best job. Ever. So far. 10% discount on groceries. It's across the street from my house. Unionized = hard to fire me. Vacation. Raises. Breaks. Great team. Yay!

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