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Originally Posted by legendhunter14 View Post
I think there should be an alternate evo for Remoraid. Remoraid and Octillery just don't look like eachother at all! Remoraid should evolve into a Pure Water typed biggerfish. The fish that evolves into an octopuss us so weird imo.
But...what else would it evolve into? D: I feel that Remoraid itself is fine evolving into Octillery, I don't see anything actually wrong with it. .___. At first, I thought it was awkward myself, for a mere fish to evolve into an octopus, and then I just kind of nodded and accepted it because this is GF, and if that's the kind of evolution they want to give it, then so be it, really. Honestly, if anything needs an evolution, it should be Octillery itself to improve it in some manner. Just slightly, though.

Base 105 Attack/Special Attack kind of says that it's powerful enough and doesn't really need any evolutions, though I'm sure one more wouldn't be overkill.
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