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I mean, really. It's been too much going on ever since this took place, and the official version looks like an improvised script that went bad.
And that's the main reason why I think it hasn't been staged. Reality does look like a badly improvised script. It would be much more suspicious if it seemed "too perfect". But, as you said, it's way too badly executed to be an actual plot and not the result of human beings being forced to act under great deals of stress in short time.

Then point out a clear motive that makes sense for them to have done this.

Not that religious brainwashing story. The kids were having a life and certainly they couldn't have fallen for this stupidity.
And you know that explanation is fake because...?

No, really, do you think that it is more likely that there is a giant conspiration of elected officials and members of the administration to kill three people for some mysterious reasons than it just being the act of two deranged individuals, like Columbine? The first option would require hundreds or thousands of people being "in the know" and hiding it out very well; the second one only requires two guys going crazy- or rather, one bringing his younger brother along. Occam's razor- usually the simplest explanation is the correct one. Not saying this is necessarily the case here, but when giving a first glance at it... yeah.

Oh, also, the older brother was in a FBI suspect watchlist since 2011, after they got a "tip-off" from a Russian source. Although well, there is the chance that they put him in that list two years in advance knowing he'd be in Boston that day so they could blame him for the attacks they were already planning back then, the same way the evil masterminds that be published a message announcing the birth of Kenyan Barack Obama in two Hawaii newspapers the day after he was born knowing that would come in handy several decades later. But it doesn't look very likely.

And explain these pictures that are all over the net
People on the "conspiracy" mindset looking for "errors" with blurry images you can't really tell properly. You know, they might be right, but I can't say anything about many undated pictures just floating round the interwbez that could have been doctored by anybody- including me, if I had wanted to.

the inconsistencies and fear mongering all over the story by the media
Hello I work for the media. You know how it is when there is a car accident and every police officer tells you X, the victims say Y, a witness says Z and you need to report it as soon as possible because that's what makes your reporting worth it? Well, you get inconsistencies. Or you avoid reporting things people disagree about. Or you say X and then realize that Y is what actually happened and have to retract yourself. That's the last thing I'd worry about. We are just people trying to find out what happened to explain it to people. I'm sorry if we don't have the magical "script" telling exactly what happened from the very first moment.

the drill being in place when the bombings occured
...any sources? I mean, any sources other than random websites on the internet citing one eyewitness- which is the lowest possible level of trusted evidence you can possibly find. Because the only thing I found is that the Boston Bomb Squad was having bomb training (I know, unbelieveable, right? What kind of bomb squad undergoes regular training exercises?) somewhere else on the city- and I have only found a tweet from the Boston Globe about it.

Oh, and the main rule: Improbable Things Happen.

testimonies from friends and families of the two kids about them

the CISPA coincidence
Improbable Things Happen. Although it's not really improbable that the House -this House- would pass a failed law in the newly-assembled Congress- we are talking about the same House that has voted to repeal Health Care what, 40 times now? In three years.

And how is Cispa related to the bombings anyway?

the convenient throat wound that doesn't make sense
I'd like to hear more about it, Doctor.

the incredible police state tactic the government staged in Boston; effectively throwing the rights of a million people out of the window, treating them like prisoners, over searching for one man.
Well, it's called "Shelter in place". It's a standard procedure for terrorist attacks that has been used a dozen times in US history and, by design, can only be mantained for a day or just a little more time. So don't worry, they are not hijacking your rights. It's a security measure.

I still don't understand why people think there's no conspiracies about this.
Because there are logical explanations for most of the "questions" that arose and many people opt to generally trust people with power than to consider that they must be lying by default and look for every possible lingering detail to conclude that the entire thing is false. I'm not saying that it is good or bad, I'm just stating a fact.

Many say the government did it. Who knows, but it is possible, and there's plenty of evidence to look at.
Well, you are using a very broad definition of "many" here. And yeah, maybe the evil Australian Government is behind all this, who knows.

Sadly most watch too much TV, and at the sight of a different version on things, reject the whole thing outright without even researching the evidence.. That's not smart. :\
It's not smart though to believe every explanation presented by every other man out there either. And it's not that they reject the thing because "it's a different version" than the one "show by the TV". I'm a journalist, I don't watch TV, I write the stuff that goes on TV, and I'm obviously going to be wary of a story constructed out of suspicions, blurry videos and the general idea that what looks obvious is actually an elaborate plot by evil sinister forces. You know, they might be right- but I like more evidence to believe that. Watergate was discovered because a member of the FBI fed official info to the journalists, not because they looked at blurry camera footage hoping to see something.
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