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About Lt. Vogt, I'll let these guys speak instead:

Continuing from where BIS left it right before me, the guy does look very pale, due to, I don't know, losing a ton of blood? I'm not a doctor- I don't know whether the guy writing that is either because it's just a random unknown writing on the Internet who could be pretending to be Margaret Thatcher if they wanted to. Also the "it's fake blood because I say so" part doesn't convince too much. And the Holywood Spy Movie "signals in 10 frames" thing sounds too stupid. Also tehre is a more logical explanation: they were just people in shock trying to react. Oh, and the glasses? To protect his eyes from the dust. I have no idea, I'm just trying to find a logical explanation that doesn't involve actors and "flashing powder" (and it's not taking me too much brainpower to do so).

Anything else to prove your point?
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