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Can I add Janine with Red, Crystal, Sapphire, Diamond and White 2 please?

I feel like a challenge.

EDIT: What do I do for the signature Pokemon for Winona? It's Altaria, and in Yellow, I have a choice of three Pokemon, none of which are that (obviously).

Anyhow. I'm training my team for Brock.

Aurelia - Butterfree - Lv11 - Tackle, Harden, String Shot, Confusion
Aurora - Metapod - Lv8 - Tackle, Harden, String Shot.

Two Butterfrees! :D


Nobody's posted? OK.
Janine; Crystal - Bayleef, Spinarak, Zubat, Ekans. The other two members are going to be Nidoqueen and Espeon. I'm in Union Cave.
Winona; Kanto - Butterfree, Butterfree, Magikarp (To be Gyarados). The other will be Dragonite. I'm in Cerulean.
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