Thread: Emerald hack: Pokémon Glazed! (Beta 7 Released!)
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Originally Posted by Skyy View Post
I use android. There are lots of vba emulators. I use My Boy. Here are the steps in order to get it working on your Android.

1. create new game on android.
2. So an in game save. Not an emulator save.
3. Start new game on your pc.
4. Get past the first part until you reappear in your room.
5. Do an in game save. Not an emulator save.
6. Copy both the .gba and .sav files and paste and replace the ones on your phone.
7. Load your game through the in game save.

These steps worked for me.
I tried this and when I got up to the point where I'm about to load my in-game save after i have replaced the files on my phone from my pc, this shows up:

"The save file has been corrupted and has been erased" and then it shows me to the New Game screen.
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