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Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post
Hello, I want to make a suggestion. Don't remove the moves which have no new effects and can use effects from 3rd moves. Instead, you should write the effect no. or the 3rd gen move with the same effect in front of it. So new hackers can directly see this thread and select the correct move effect in PGE instead of searching the move that has the same effect. For example-

Air Slash- the effect no. or "Same as Rock Slide"

And for moves with no effects like X-Scissor, you can write "No Effect" in front of it.
That's a nice suggestion. To be honest though, PGE's attack editor is really easy to use and can all of the above. It even has a list of move effects. While it certainly wouldn't be a bad idea to do it to the thread, it might not be particularly useful.
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