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Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
I think that that particular one is a map script in your home, but I could be wrong. Try searching for the text in A-text and editing it there.
Thanks heaps Karatekid! worked like a charm. FYI the offset is 1A5FDF. I had no idea you can add text and edit by searching for them!

2) Also I have a new problem with level scripts. When I use this script:

#org @busted
applymovement 0x01 @seen
waitmovement 0x01
msgbox @what 0x06
applymovement 0x02 @fight
waitmovement 0x02
msgbox @oak 0x06
trainerbattle 0x03 0x5B 0x00 @win
msgbox @pokedex 0x06
applymovement 0x02 @getit
waitmovement 0x02
hidesprite 0x03
setflag 0x204
applymovement 0x02 @return
waitmovement 0x02
msgbox @byebye 0x06
applymovement 0xFF @left
applymovement 0x02 @left2
waitmovement 0x02
hidesprite 0x02
msgbox @leaveyou 0x06
setvar 0x4022 0x0001

*I ignored the movements and messages.

When I enter the map the text goes funny, which is expected according to Tajaros tut, he said change the #raw 0xFFFF to 0x0.

Now this DOES fix the problem, but only when I take 2 steps in any direction upon entering the map!

I have given the script the correct flag and chosen option 2 (validates values thing). I have no idea why this glitch occurs any help would be appreciated!

Cheers again for the first question!

EDIT: I solved it !!! It was purely because I used var 0x4022. I read that in David(forgot his name) said that vars 0x4000-40FF are the only safe vars to use.

How ever this is either wrong because I have tried twice (0x4000 doesn't work, its a temp) so is there any guaranteed safe vars please?

I am using 0x8000 and greater now, I know this is bad but I have don't have time to waste. How likely will glitches occur if I continue using vars this high?