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Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
Well just figured I'd let you guys know that the RP that I have been working on is a Darker than Black RP. I can't give up too much information just yet because I have to confirm some things with my co-GM for the RP, but I figure it can't hurt to see what everyone thinks.
Aha . . . ahaha . . . AHAHAHAHAHA. Yeeeeah. Darker Than Black.
What're you going to call it? d:
I briefly discussed a Darker Than Black roleplay with MichaelaTheUchiha, but she hasn't had access to PC in a while. . . .

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Good luck with that. I'm not exactly sure what you would do for story? There's always some sort of Contractor feud, but what about the gates? They're both gone. (Unless something happened during season 2, which I did not watch. Heard it was horrible, lol.)

And, as for the other topic: I personally don't see the point in choosing either DC or Marvel. Choose 'em both. They were made by the same people, after all. DC is a bit older, but that's about it. It's perfectly possible to find things to like in each universe.


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