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Spencer - Chapter 2


The air of the desert pissed him off. During his lifetime he had always wanted to travel to a desert but now he hated even the name or the idea of the place...

"The demon has been heading to my left for a little while now at a fairly slow pace, it is doubtful that it is overly fast but it has a fairly bulky build so it looks like it may be quite physically strong... not to mention it has those nasty horns. Honestly I could have easily caught up to it by now, as most any reaper could have, but I figure it is an unknown enemy that even the Grims seem to know little about so I figured I should wait for you."

Spencer nodded respectfully of this. Apparently his ally was more analytical than him, which definitely seemed to be a strength although he seemed to lack confidence in his ability to take them down, which was a feeling Spencer could understand. This demon was a close range fighter but it might have some tricks up it's sleeve or be completely above them in combat prowess.

"Honestly I don't know what the Grims were thinking sending me on this mission, my last one was insane. It seemed to be straight forward enough but throughout the course I ended up fighting against a few too many harbingers. I'm exhausted... but they are ancient and wise so I figure either I'm supposed to be a sacrificial pawn or that they think I have something special to bring to the mission. Sorry for asking, but what was your last mission like? I figure it is a good idea to ascertain the conditions of allies as well as the enemy. Speaking of which... how would you like to go about this demon of ours? From what I hear you are highly effective close-range, which is the area I'm best in also... although I have some decent mid to long-range spells and can cover distance quite quick. Should we just take the brute force approach do you think?" said Adrian.

A pawn or something special? Although Spencer had no doubt that his ally was powerful in his own aspect, he didn't doubt that the Grims thought everyone else was disposable of. He bet they looked at himself as nothing more than a weapon, like some sort of tank that you could easily manufacture with the proper resources.

"Harbingers?" Spencer said curiously, "Blimey, you must have had a heck of a time trying to get them to stay down from what I've heard about them."

Spencer scratched his head for a moment. He wasn't good all to much at planning out battles ahead of time. Looking at Adrian, he shrugged. "Ahhhhh.... Do what you feel comfortable doing since you seem to be on top of me in strategy. I'm sorta... unable to use any long range attacks unless they are physical and I have no casting abilities. Choose whatever fighting style you wish to use for yourself although keep my limitation in mind. Also going all gung-ho and attacking with pure strength seems like a bad idea for the demon."

Brute force seemed like a bad idea although really Adrian shouldn't take his word for it. After all, to Spencer most of the problems in the world came from people talking about things they know nothing about.

As they ran ahead through the desert, Spencer tried to ignore the heat, although he couldn't avert his mind to other thoughts. In a swift second a whizzing noise, similar to a blade cutting through air, came from ahead. Adrian took the initiative and sliced up the arrows with ease.

"What was that for..." Spencer clenched his fist, turning in the direction the arrows came from and tightening his fist. He was in no mood to be stopped now. He hated interruptions and anyone who tried to get the jump on other people in a fight. He looked up to glare at the male and ignored the Harbringer's companion. "It's common courtesy to fight people head-on from the start."

Spencer raised his right hand to his neck and cracked it. Looks like they were going to have to rush this fight in order to catch their mission target. These guys were low-priority to Spencer but they seemed to be more important. Why just two Harbringers? They had to be at least above average in strength.

"You take the woman, I'll take the guy with bow."

Spencer nodded in appreciation. Adrian had kept his weakness in mind and he had to remember to thank him for that in the long run. "Thanks." Spencer shouted out to Adrian, who had already engaged the albino archer in combat. Spencer sighed as he looked up to the other Harbringer before his eyes widened in shock and his breathing halted.

In front of him was a brown-haired girl, who looked exactly like his sister... only she was walking. Spencer held out his hand for a suspended minute... The paraplegic sister, who always dreamed of traveling... was walking...

Seeing Spencer's surprised reaction, the girl fell into a fit of amused laughter, almost as if she didn't take his reaction seriously.

"I haven't seen you in a while..." she managed to utter out before continuing to laugh even harder as Spencer stared in disbelief.

Clenching his fist, a vain protruded on Spencer's forehead. This was some kind of a trick of illusion. He knew that his sister wouldn't become a Harbringer. She had too much of a peaceful personality for it. He dashed out at the girl with his fists raised. "You LIAR!"


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