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Originally Posted by HersheysPink View Post
I'm not sure if I did it wrong or not, but I followed those instructions and renamed the files and when I played it just sent me to the new game screen without any load slates or previous game. I tried to reverse the process to Beta 1 to get my progress back and my progress there was gone too. /:
I don't know why, but it seems that you must restart now, sorry, I apologize.

Originally Posted by Vestra View Post
for some strange reason I'm getting that 'Failed! Checksum invalid' thing when patching with tsukyomi, despite trying to use a clean rom and the old rom to patch. Any idea why?

I know the rom is clean and reliable as its the same one I've used for other games.
Try another Emerld rom, please.

Originally Posted by Oddrane View Post
Is there a HM Fly in here? if so, when do you get it?

Great hack so far btw, really enjoying this one.

Is it also possible to get a list of how the changes in evolutions are?
You can get HM02 in Lithopone City after you defeated the gym leader there.

Originally Posted by Flamebot View Post
How do I patch it to a clean emerald rom?
Use tsukuyomi to patch it.

Originally Posted by Oddrane View Post
After I've beaten the 8th gym, where do I go? as the road is blocked by some cones so i cant pass through.
That's my fault, I mistakenly set the connection between the two maps, and now, I fixed it.

Originally Posted by mikethepokemaster View Post
for some reason after get my 8th badge and beat all the on land and try to cross the sea to get to victory way i cant im block by an invisible wall.
Yes, that's my fault, I'm sorry, and to countinue this game, you may need to download the newest Beta 2.3, I've fixed it.

Originally Posted by Oddrane View Post
and where do you go to find them in the first place? :-) since I guess tha is what I have to do, but simply cannot do.
They're in the classrooms of SYLON Academy.

And it seems that another error which may cause the game unable to countinue was found, and I fixed it now to make Victory Way avaliable. Sorry.
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