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@Naku and Geras - Well firstly the story is easy since it takes place in an alternative timeline (meaning the story of the anime is irrelevant and that both gates exist... although they actually have very little to do with the storyline of the RP). I don't want to give too much away before I even submit it but suffice to say I have thought it through and have a somewhat interesting plot planned out - as I said before I have to wait for my co-GM for the RP to go over some things with me anyway.

As for Marvel/DC - I have always preferred Marvel to DC really... I tend to feel that the story lines in Marvel are better than DC (with the exception of Batman) and that the universe in general mixes together better. The heroes in DC (again bar Batman) have always been to "super" and not enough human for my liking and the origin stories aren't really as interesting to me either (again bar batman).

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