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> I was just about to feel special because I remembered food and water, and then you place that last line…
Anyway. Drink and eat. Then check how much food and liquid you have left. Also, because this seems to be when you prepare. Try to fix your radar, it might still come in handy.
> You can purify your own water use one of the potion bottles you used fill it with water than bring it to a boil for 5 minutes than use a piece of cloth or silk and filter it and you have some drinking water, Than cook some of that paper wrapped eel or use the spatchery to make some food, Good job making a boat and weapon.

You cook some of your eel, and purify some seawater to drink. You've got two empty Potion bottles you can use to boil water in during your journey, and you have three raw eels and half a cooked one left at the moment.

> In terms of fixing the radar, assuming there's a faulty connection somewhere, you could use Vesta to smelt some of the left-over metal scrap from those machines you just smacked together and use it as solder of some kind.
Also, mourn the loss of the Machine for Guessing the Number of Pips in a Unopened Orange; the most useful item in your inventory.
Apart from that, basic preparations and precautions should be taken to ensure your safety.

Oh, mighty woe! The Machine for Guessing the Number of Pips in an Unopened Orange is gone! Oh, fie on't!

All right, that's enough of that.

It appears that electrical engineering isn't part of your built-in knowledge. Even if it were, you have no way of opening the Pokédex to get at the innards. And even if you could do that, it doesn't change the fact that part of the little radar dish has come off.

You settle for hitting it and seeing what happens. Not a lot changes, but the light that used to flash when it registers something doesn't turn on any more.

Well, at least you can see how many monsters are in the area.

You have no idea what basic preparations and precautions are, but rather than admit it you say you've taken them.

> Don't over-celebrate the creation of the faux Flash Cannon. Remember that where you're going, Steel-types are not very effective. Still, you managed to create a Pokemon attack, suggesting this is possible with other moves. Be on the lookout for more TMs and unused machinery. For now, eat and drink. Then, try to think of a way to navigate from here to Cianwood across miles of ocean filled with dangerous Pokemon.

Well, getting to Cianwood is easy. You just go south. The Whirl Islands act as a pretty good landmark, and once you've got around them you can see Cianwood itself. It's at the base of a freaking mountain; it's quite hard to miss.

The Pokémon are more of a problem, but you figure your best bet is 'run away'. Or paddle away.

Ah. Actually, you need a paddle to pilot a coracle.

Feeling faintly stupid for not thinking of it earlier, you spend the afternoon making one. It's quite hard to do that without any cutting tools or adhesives, but by very slowly planing a plank down with a handful of your rocks you end up with a lumpy, horrible thing that might just be able to steer you through the water.

Othodox crafted one Risible Oar! Othodox put the Risible Oar in the Nautical Gear Pocket.

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