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Charles Zernas

As Charles entered the forest, and the first thing he noticed, were the fens. They scraped against his legs in the most annoying fashion. THinking he flet something, Charles reached down and scratched his leg. He decided to send out Riolu, and give him a nickname. He had brought Riolu to Professor Pine, and she had obliged to heal him. Charles' stomach grumbled, but he put that out of his mind. Riolu popped out of the Pokeball and cheerfully said, "Ri?"
"Hey, Riolu you need a nickname," Riolu jumped up and clapped with glee, "Okay, here are some ideas. Swift?" Riolu looked at him, and shook his head. "Um, Ninja?" Riolu stared to look exasperated, and Charles racked his brain for ideas.

"Um, Niengo?" Riolu looked happy for a second. Charles corrected himself, "Ninjo." But then he looked down trodden again. "Wait, Niengo?" That was a creative name, he had just messed up in his speech though. "Ri!" Charles shrugged and said, "Alright then." Charles kept on walking, and Niengo kept pace next to him. There was a rustling sound on the ground. Charles looked around, but only saw a larger than normal fern. He shrugged it off and looked away. There was a rustling again, and the fern disappeared. Then Charles remembered Niengo knew Foresight. Foresight would help them find the source of the rustling. "Niengo, Foresight."

Niengo obliged, and put his hands up to his head. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them, they glowed a light blue. He looked around, and pointed at another fern and frantically said, "Ri! Riolu! Ri!" <There! A Pokemon! There!> But of course Charles couldn't understand Pokemon speak and said, "What?" Niengo shook his head and walked up to the fern. He used Flame Kick and kicked the fern hard. The fern flew, and hit a tree. The fern shimmered, and turned into a black Pokemon. Charles stared at it, and opened the Pokedex.

Zorua, the Tricky Fox Pokemon. To protect themselves from danger, they hide their true identities by transforming into people and Pokémon. It is a Dark type.

"Oh," Charles felt stupid. How could he not realize that the moving fern was a Zorua? His mother had one Zoura. It evolved recently though. Charles decided to catch it. The Zoura stared at him and said, "Zo?"
"Use Flame Kick!" The Zorua looked prepared, and focused hard. Without using Double Team, the Zorua managed to expand its image, making it blurry, so the exact location of it was unknown. The blurry, stretched out Pokemon winked, and cocked its head. Niengo kicked forwards, and his foot passed right through the Zorua. "Okay, Quick Attack through the whole illusion." Niengo swiped through the illusion, and knocked the illusion over.

Zorua fell over, and the illusion disappeared. It growled and used Scratch. The Scratch hit Niengo, and Niengo fell backwards. Hard. Niengo groaned and slowly got back up. "Quick, Counter!" Niengo shook its head, and smaked a Counter into the Zorua. The Zorua fell over, and didn't stir. Charles muttered, "Well, here goes nothing," he chucked a Pokeball at the creature. The Pokeball landed on the Pokeball. It started to shake...


Your post felt rushed. Can you please try and slow down? Also you didn't put in quite enough for you to catch the Shroomish. For the future.

The Pokeball shakes once, and then it opens. The Shroomish looks sincerely pissed off.


Good job Game_sloth. Get the supplies from the Professor.
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