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Hm, so.. Messed up results or a glitch, doubts regarding the scientific measurement techniques used on bone marrow nowadays, and striking the mutation lottery are your points?
You can't test the latter, so it's mostly the fake/erroneous results theory.

That seems a bit unlikely. Almost as much as extraterrestrial origin theory in itself!

For one, no one has yet to document alien DNA, so how would we know what is alien? Perhaps there's humanoid aliens out there sharing our DNA like some theories say.

Also, nothing has been said about the DNA of the father. Perhaps this is what they could rely on to link extraterrestrial origin. Still, with so many unknowns regarding DNA in itself, it's going to be pretty hard to confirm this. Perhaps discoveries will be made?

I call it humanoid/human for the time being, until further developments come to light.

Kura: It supposedly dates around a thousand years ago, where this thing was said to have lived up to the age of eight. o.O
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