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Originally Posted by Oddrane View Post
How did you do it with the cave before the victory-road? i am stuck at that invisible block there so i can't enter. How do i do the patching ingame that fix this? So that i am getting the update without having to start over. I tried to patch 2.3 in a clean new Emerald.

Do i have to use the save state? or save in a special location or change some filenames or anything else special?

PS! i've also noticed a couple of bugs. One of the items you pick up on the road after the 8th gym makes your game crash, and there is also an item placed in the forest on top of a tree that you can't reach.
Thanks for reporting, now these errors are solved.

Originally Posted by - nicely played View Post
Why The repel/super repel/max repel dont work at night time? i used all of them and the pokemons continuing to appear.
I don't think the day/night system will affect the effect of repel, maybe that is just because your Pokemon's level is lower than the wild Pokemon.

Originally Posted by Oddrane View Post
Weird,that I did, and I still can't get out of the cave and enter the next part of the Victory Road. 2.3 was the last patched update? I haven't missed a 2.4? And have the version of VBA anything to say in this,or the settings for save or such? i am using the 1.8,and with patching you don't do anything diffeent there,just the apply patch to excisting file?

This is where i am stuck.

This is an error, so I think I should fix it, and now I did it and released the fixed Beta 2.4.

I know, I update the patch too often, I must say sorry for this.But since there're still errors exists, I must fix them, so I released the Beta 2.4. Sorry again for inconvenience.
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