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Which Normal type Pokémon do you guys wish would make more of an appearance in the franchise?

Personally, as much as I'd like to say Pidgey, I don't feel like I actually ever see Castform that much. I mean, it's a rare Pokemon and all, but despite that, it has this awesome power to change its appearance and typing depending on the weather, and no one really seem to care about that. I mean, of course people don't have to use it in-game, since it isn't exaaactly that great, but I think it'd make a cool Pokemon to have added to the team in the anime. Maybe it's just because that power, despite how cool it actually is, is rather inconvenient. To use a turn to change the weather, just to have that countered by a Pokemon whom the attacks are weak against. That's why I think it'd work out a lot better in the anime, considering the battles aren't turned-based in there :p

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