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Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
Haha, I was going to split it into two post but I was almost done with the wholething so I went ahead and finished it.

Yeah, I guess it could be butlersprite, but its supposed to be maybe Reginaldsprite? Because Jaspersprite isnt Catsprite, so I think Reginald sprite would probably be more accurate. Unless Reginald is both Vinnie's sprite in the medium and my butler in his house at the same time. I'm planing on having Rocco go in later on too.
Yeah, if you only prototype it once now, I guess you can prototype it for the second time later on.

Since Vinnie prototyped a human, I'd prefer if the rest of you came up with other things to prototype. I promise checkmate will me much more enjoyable if you all prototype different things. However, I think I talked to Raikiri and Retro about prototyping family before? So if one of you really want to do that still, I guess you can ^^

Meanwhile, I'll slowly type up my first post for Act 1 ^^
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