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> Cook another one of the eels and fill one of the potion bottles with purified water, wash the coffee cup out than combine it with any silk or extra cloth your have to make a portable water purifier than feed Vesta a lot of dry wood for the trip. Than I guess set sail or shove off or whatever you do with a coracle

The Adamantine Spider Silk is waterproof, but one of the shreds of your Wrecked Stylish Dress does nicely.

Othodox crafted one Makeshift Filtration Device! Othodox put the Makeshift Filtration Device in the Survival Gear Pocket.

> Give a prayer to Tabiti for safe voyage in the realm of anti-fire and feed Vesta. Be sure she isn't mad at you; she seemed rather perturbed when you were making to coracle. Talk to her as you cross the ocean; maybe she can learn some more before you get to Cianwood.

You drop the Coracle into the ocean and lower yourself into it. Then, after a quick prayer to Tabiti and a bit of fiddling with your Oar, you're drifting unstoppably out to sea to the southwest.

This is understandably vexing. It's not going to get you to Cianwood – in fact, you have no idea where it will get you, since your knowledge of geography doesn't extend further than the Johto/Kanto landmass. But your frantic paddling is useless; your boat is too small and too light to drive against the current, and already you can see the reef to the west that usually prevents people from leaving the channel that way – unless, of course, they know where the few gaps in it are.

Needless to say, you do not have this knowledge.

You paddle harder.

Othodox's Fatigue is rising!

Ah, crap.

After fifteen minutes of furious thinking, you give up and elect to let the current take you where it will. After all, the Narrator wouldn't just shove you into an impossible situation with no means of escape, would...?

Ah, crap.

Olivine fades into the distance – a little too soon for your liking, actually. In fact, the whole world seems to be fading into the distance.

Oh, you get it now. There's a fog coming on. A thick fog, gathering with unnatural speed.

A faintly green fog, which is the part that concerns you most.

It may be too late for this, but you're beginning to wonder whether or not the Deep Ones had any way of anticipating your journey. And any means of controlling the weather.

Hmm. OK. Fog. Current. Approaching reef. Rising sense of uncontrollable fear.

You can't think of any way to avoid whatever's going to happen, but you figure you might as well ask the voices if they have a plan before you submit to the latest taste of hell that Fate has in store for you.

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