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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
This is for older computers - if you're a cutting-edge, high-res website, this is probably the worst thing you can do to your website. However, it's best to use if you know for sure that smaller, low-res monitors will browse your website most of the time.
Yeah, I'd actually advise you'd avoid Comic Sans MS. Many people rage when they see that font.

Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Then the background. Search up on Google, and find some pictures. Make sure to keep down the website you took them from, because if not, you'll run into a lot of legal trouble. But besides that, what do you want to have on the background? If not to use them explicitly, at least to give you an idea of what you want.
If you have an idea of what you are going for for a background (Like maybe some small dithering texture.) it's usually pretty easy to quickly hack up one in Photoshop or GIMP...

If you are looking for a background that emphasizes on shapes or lines, vectoring is a very useful skill to have too. (With Illustrator or Inkscape.)

Usually taking things off the web unless they are specifically marked as "stock" is a bad idea unless it's for a single page deal like an article.
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