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Quote originally posted by Oddrane:
But you didn't finish the last mission when you did it the first time. I didn't notice it before i picked up the game again this morning to just try and catch some pokemon's to start complete the pokedex.
No, I didn't finish the last mission, I went through the cones assuming they had bugged. After doing so and beating the league, all events reset except the Sky Castle. I went there, finished the event, then the cones disappeared.

But, I'd assume its safe to say that skipping the cones wasn't what reset the events, as the same has happened to you and you did things correctly, yes?

Quote originally posted by Oddrane:
I used waterfall and such in the caves, should the legendaries in the waterfall caves? since i came to empty places with no legendaries and such, and in one cave it was a block that blocked me from proceeding.
Pretty sure all that stuff has yet to be implemented. All those caves lead nowhere or to a house or something, none of them are fully constructed yet.
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