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^who said I won't marry anyone with anyone? I know about marriage being on past games. As a matter of fact I'm already trying to pair up my avatar with Lon'Qu. For some reason though, since the male avatar would've been based on myself, it's pretty awkward if I got him to marry for me. (blame Persona 4, where I always went with the romantic social links accidentally and that was pretty awful.)
Well that, and I'm not really liking the females in this game so far, which sucks because I thought past Fire Emblem games always got great female characters. The only one I like is Sully so far, and I only use Lissa for healing. Having a female avatar so far helps in this current sausage fest. lol

Also hot damn, the quest where you recruit Danyllo is a pain without Frederick. I came pretty close to beating it without losing anyone, but I forgot to position Danyllo in a safer place so he died from a bastard archer. (The last one, mind you!) I was so pissed, I even got amazing stats from level ups! Ugh I'll try again tomorrow. The only ones I got that can tank hits are Kellam and my avatar, and even they can only take so much. lol I will not use Frederick for this. Never. I want my stats.


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