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Yeah Joy was unnecessarily judgemental right there. Much less humble and more Pokémon-focused than she eventually turned out to be. And Misty was totes all over the place lol.

So that's the end of Pokémon Emergency! Was fun to see something old as balls haha. If you want to say anything else about it, you can hop on over to the Original Series Discussion Thread. Seriously guys, you can totally talk over there, even though it looks old and dusty. I'll come chat with you if you do so don't worry about just posting awkwardly. <3 I read every single new post in this forum you know. that's really sad i know shut up

Anyway. It was Janna's birthday yesterday and she wanted something light & fun from Hoenn so we're going to be watching What You Seed Is What You Get! There's the Bulba link, beware of spoilers. Kind of early AG, involves Treeko and watermelons. If you've seen the episode you will remember it just from that. If not, well, go watch! We'll be talking about this one till May 5th~

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