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Quote originally posted by CycloneGU:
Try using VBA. That's the most stable emulator out there.


Well gameboid is for Android or something so VBA won't work for him...
That's the problem with non-PC players...

Quote originally posted by rik_kingdra_93:
Hey guys, at first i would like to say that i love this hack , but i got a big problem :/
after traveling to ricyan city there is the leader at the zoo and you must talk to him but by me , the gym leader isnt standing their. what can i do ?
sry for my bad english !
Are you sure you haven't missed anything along the way?

Quote originally posted by anhlong1122:
How can I get pass the rotten stump and the ice rock in route 509 and 508 please
Fire Blow and Ice Smash.

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