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Originally Posted by Raikiri View Post
Yeah....I got swapped with University work, work work and lack of sleep. So posting might not happen till tomorrow/Tuesday. I got a post outlined though, so I at least have an idea of what to do. Sadly, with Lt. Col Fantastic doing human protoyping, I have no idea what to do with mine. (It's all good, he posted first after all). So maybe I will protoype a model or figure or something and call it a day.

So my apologies. It's finals season so my posting will be erratic in all my RPs. This one just happened to suffer the hardest because of the fact I want to get everything done in one post. Worst case, I'll write something up tomorrow and post what I can then.
I apologize too, I got a streak of nervousness yesterday that this RP would die before it started :p But finals and schoolwork explains it and I'll keep that in mind better.

Also, Raikiri...

However, I think I talked to Raikiri and Retro about prototyping family before? So if one of you really want to do that still, I guess you can ^^
Stop giving up so easily! If you want to prototype your sister or something, do it. Because I already said it's ok. :>

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