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Pokemon Opal is a fangame set in the far-away Terria region, where a young trainer is about to start their new journey! Unfortunately, the rather corrupt Team Progress Co. (naming in progress) has disturbed the legendary Pokemon Gharegon, the guardian of the Terria region, with their pollution in the name of business. Our hero will soon be caught up in a conflict of legends, between the mighty guardian Gharegon, and the mysterious ancient Cthution.

Pokemon Opal was a rather old idea of mine that can now be realized thanks to the Pokemon Essentials kit for RPG Maker XP. With additional help from the BW addition by P-Sign, I've managed to include animated sprites as well, allowing for a rather stunning visual experience, though I haven't gotten far yet.

So far, new features are:
  • upwards of 80 new Pokemon
  • New moves and abilities
  • New weather condition, Thunderstorm, which boosts Electric type attacks, weakens Flying-type attacks, and strikes any Pokemon that isn't Electric or Ground type at the end of each turn
More features are bound to come along, and I'm open to suggestions if there's anything you want to see!

The Terria region Pokedex is, as of now:
001. Mantwig (Grass)
002. Leafeas (Grass)
003. Arbortis (Grass/Flying)
004. Emberfrill (Fire)
005. Frillnace (Fire)
006. Spinferno (Fire/Dragon)
007. Platynja (Water)
008. Daggerpus (Water)
009. Toxitreme (Water/Poison)
010. Porkuswine (Normal)
011. Sledgehog (Normal/Fighting)
012. Chickafree (Flying)
013. Roguintit (Flying)
014. Croe (Dark/Flying)
015. Neven (Dark/Flying)
016. Jawel (Bug/Steel)
017. Cadiadem (Bug/Steel)
018. Gildifly (Bug/Steel)
019. Sewaddle (Bug/Grass)
020. Swadloon (Bug/Grass)
021. Leavanny (Bug/Grass)
022. Maggorps (Bug/Dark)
023. Buzkill (Bug/Dark)
024. Heracross (Bug/Fighting)
025. Dryash (Grass/Ghost)
026. Firsprit (Grass/Ghost)
027. Yanma (Bug/Flying)
028. Yanmega (Bug/Flying)
029. Sableye (Dark/Ghost)
030. Gobleye (Dark/Ghost)
031. Mawile (Steel)
032. Slitmawsk (Steel/Ghost)
033. Eevee (Normal)
034. Vaporeon (Water)
035. Jolteon (Electric)
036. Flareon (Fire)
037. Espeon (Psychic)
038. Umbreon (Dark)
039. Leafeon (Grass)
040. Glaceon (Ice)
041. Wispeon (Ghost)
042. Hemipteon (Bug)
043. Paras (Bug/Grass)
044. Parasect (Bug/Grass)
045. Mutoad (Poison)
046. Raditoad (Poison)
047. Gligar (Ground/Flying)
048. Gliscor (Ground/Flying)
049. Snailstack (Poison)
050. Gastrooze (Poison)
051. Bubane (Poison/Flying)
052. Malamoth (Ghost/Bug)
053. Slavile (Normal)
054. Indendult (Normal)
055. Tyrogue (Fighting)
056. Hitmonlee (Fighting)
057. Hitmonchan (Fighting)
058. Hitmontop (Fighting)
059. Spinpunk (Steel/Electric)
060. Widowglass (Steel/Electric)
061. Joltik (Bug/Electric)
062. Galvantula (Bug/Electric)
063. Dront (Bug/Psychic)
064. Busant (Bug/Psychic)
065. Queent (Bug/Psychic)
066. Camteen (Ground/Water)
067. Dromevoir (Ground/Water)
068. Velacerate (Ground/Flying)
069. Cerajest (Rock/Fighting)
070. Tropius (Grass/Flying)
071. Magmoth (Rock/Fire)
072. Blastodon (Rock/Fire)
073. Spikool (Rock/Ice)
074. Stegizzard (Rock/Ice)
075. Swinub (Ice/Ground)
076. Piloswine (Ice/Ground)
077. Mamoswine (Ice/Ground)
078. Dunsparce (Normal)
079. Rarattl (Normal/Dragon)
080. Sneasel (Dark/Ice)
081. Weavile (Dark/Ice)
082. Cryogonal (Ice)
083. Rarhine (Fighting)
084. Kakodo (Grass/Ground)
085. Balqui (Water)
086. Kelpaloos (Water/Dark)
087. Shellder (Water)
088. Cloyster (Water/Ice)
089. Gyral (Psychic/Water)
090. Polymind (Psychic/Water)
091. Wooper (Water/Ground)
092. Quagsire (Water/Ground)
093. Chinchou (Water/Electric)
094. Lanturn (Water/Electric)
095. Floundroid (Steel/Water)
096. Cydent (Steel/Water)
097. Virit (Ghost/Electric)
098. Specrash (Ghost/Electric)
099. Natu (Psychic/Flying)
100. Xatu (Psychic/Flying)
101. Falcade (Dark/Psychic)
102. Dastarade (Dark/Psychic)
103. Soroboros (Psychic/Dragon)
104. Princisk (Poison)
105. Basiroyal (Poison/Dragon)
106. Blaggas (Poison/Flying)
107. Nautoleum (Poison/Water)
108. Coalconut (Poison/Rock)
109. Eaglectroc (Electric/Flying)
110. Samurth (Fighting/Poison)
111. Scroldier (Ghost/Psychic)
112. Scyslash (Steel/Dark)
113. Cthution (Poison/Dark)
114. Gharegon (Dragon/Rock; Dragon/Grass; Dragon/Water)
115. Philex (Fire/Ice)

I haven't made enough posts yet to post any screenshots or anything but rest assured I have some! I do have a tag on my Tumblr blog for sketches and such related to this project but idk if id be able to link to it at all and besides my blog is a mess

I believe the credits would be:
Pokemon Essentials-- Maruno and others?
BW Expansion kit-- P-Sign
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