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Quote originally posted by Varion:
Nice idea, but I'm pretty sure Steven grew up in Hoenn, hence why he is Champion of Hoenn.
Maybe that's what they want you to believe

Interesting, at first I was going to question, why you have 3 projects... If you failed at the first, fair enough... Failed at the second, what's going on... Fail at this one, you should quit... Don't make too much of a work load, and if the project will be as big as you want it, do what most others fail to do...
So many "developers" rush into getting a release, that the game turns out to be fails, nobody follows and non-stop criticism.

Now, on to your game.

Steven, I wouldn't use a character who already has a point in the game.

200 Pokémon from GenI-GenV... How? Before Red, Blue and Green... I mean like, um, how? Since before them, Rayquaza was probably a drawing concept that never made the original cut...

Mystery Gift is no longer a great feature since it's in Essentials, you may as well put berry picking and Dependent Events too...

20 years before Red, Blue and Green... Steven would be -20 years old or something, in-fact, you could probably base this game off his dad becoming a 10 year old claiming his first Pokémon called Retromon...

I could keep babbling on, but I change my mind, I'm not interested in this anymore... Not trying to be mean, but honest... I won't support this until your plot thickens or the game has progression, will look out none the less, though.
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