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Quote originally posted by 4thGenAce:D:
Well, if I have the time, I could help in correcting those things, I may be 14, but I have broad knowledge about English. :D

Anyways, I get the point. But, gee. The game is considerably hard. Made harder by the balls. But okay.

I defeated the E4, what else can I do? Gee, my team is really overleveled. Lapras is a freaking tank! :D

Nice job with the hack.

You can go to Western TYRON, challenge Central Area and so on.

Quote originally posted by potterwiz:
hey before i go to far into the game how do i evolve trade pokemon like machop??? thank you in advance

Machoke evolves when it level up with the happiness value at 220, and other Pokemon which evolve like Machoke can evolve like this or evolve at certain level.

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