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Originally Posted by Dragon-Tamer795 View Post
I found a glitch. There's a child on the other side of Beryl Bridge who tells me I've defeated a Drifloon.

I haven't even seen a Drifloon.

I have caught a
Shuppet in Beryl Cemetary
I've defeated Corey, and saved in the Pokemon Centre just before the bridge, so can this be fixed before I continue? Not having found it worries me that it can't be found anymore.

...Are the graves names of people who left Reborn? "Sir Nasterisk Grasterisk" certainly doesn't sound like a real person's name. (If it is... oops, and apologies :/)

And one more thing- could I possibly have the notation for the Reborn City music? I'm something of an amateur musician, and I'd like to try making a remix of it for you.

Looking forward with great anticipation to episode eight!
Yeah, I've known about that glitch for a while, and fortunately I was just finally able to fix it like, two days ago, so that's set for the next episode. Thanks though.
As an addition to that, if anyone was jipped out of their Drifloon as a result of that glitch and feels particularly strongly about it, I'd be happy to reset it for you, just send me a PM with your save file.
((But let's wait until after the next episode for that so that the glitch doesn't reset too. >>))

The graves- are actually the IRL names of some of the more influential members of early-Reborn's development. That is our site community; it was a little shout out to to them. There are a couple exceptions, Nasterisk being one of them. That one is in reference to a user we had who went by the name N8theGr8, and one day someone held shift a bit too much and he turned into N*theGr* so ever since then I've called him Nasterisk instead of Nate.

If you have some music composition that can open Mp3's the City music will be in the Audio folder... Otherwise if you have Fruity Loops I can send you the .flp if you'd like. I probably won't be able to write it out myself since I really just play by ear... Regardless, I'm remixing it myself as well. That dull piano theme is just a base as I re-do the music ward by ward (although the melody did become the Opal Ward, so you can hear the full version there). Not sure if that helps though...

On an unrelated note, Kurapika- I finally activated your thing at the other place. We were really running behind on that; sorry.

Good luck Sentret-hunting! Maybe someone else knows? c:
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