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∣ Satomi Akiyama
∣ Form:
Signing Up

Chapter Zero: Part Zero

Name: Satomi Akiyama
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Specie: Neko

Appearance: Satomi (Picture above) has light skin, soft pink/red hair, and faded amber eyes. She is most often seen wearing her school uniform (the classic Japanese white and blue skirt and shirt, AKA the Sailor Fuku). She has a gentle face and a heartwarming smile, though sometimes stress seeps through and is fairly readable on her face. She does her best to live a 'normal' schoolgirl life, though this new school and her newfound abilities would both ensure that it couldn't happen.

Personality: Satomi is sometimes quiet and analytical. She slowly grows on people but otherwise doesn't think she'll make friends at the new school. She is sometimes nervous, and embarrasses easily. This leads her to be timid at times, though she loosens up when she knows people better. Otherwise, she is (or at least, was) top of her class back in Kyoto, Japan.

History: Satomi lived a normal life in Kyoto, a playful child, an honor student, and a well-behaved daughter. Most of her life was spent either hanging out with her friends, or studying. She was always first to answer the teacher's questions, first to turn in homework, plus all of the extra credit. As far as she knew, she was just another Human girl. However, one day she had gotten into a spat with a rival schoolboy in her class, also honor student. This argument escalated quickly, before she knew it, she had claws, and she pounced the boy, and... Next thing she knew, her parents were sending her off to another school. She didn't quite understand it, all she had heard was that the boy was getting medical attention now. Now, she faces a new school, "Youkai Academy", with subtle nervousness and a willingness to learn.

Weakness: Feelings, Emotions, Lack of training

Other: Sushi qualifies as a weakness, right?


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