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Mouser landed and stumbled, his eyes swirls of confusion. He squeeked and took a few steps. Well that wrecked their Speed Burn plan. She needed to think fast! But what could she do? She had no items! The Suicune Student wasn't worried though. She could ALWAYS come up with a plan.

"Mouser! Shake it off bud! You're doing great!" she called


He blinked at her, blushing a bit, and nodded.

"O-ok if you say so." he said, pausing to think. Considering he had been lost at the time, so he didn't think he would be able to on his own. But Drizzle could, he remembered almost everything. He would never forget what happened that day. It had terrified him, and yet... He felt proud. Like he had helped a lot. So he had mixed feelings going back. Well, as long as his friends were around he would go.

"Drizzle can I know it! We can get back there easy!"
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