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Quote originally posted by WooliestSteam1:
Hey there I was wondering if I could adopt a male Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle? I don't want to be rushing you!

My time zone is GMT 0, but I'm usually up all night anyway (bit of a night person). Anyway many thanks my friend!
Hmm,looks like you're 4 hours ahead of me. Tomorrow I think we can trade during your night time.

Quote originally posted by joeyhugg:
Hey! My wifi at my house isn;t compatable with the 3DS (checked the error code with Nintendo, it wont work, and we aint getting a new router anytime soon) but if you have one, could you reserve a female starter? Any one, any kind, just female. Thanks in advance! If my wifi is ever working again I will PM you immediately!
Sure thing, I'll always have a female starter in reserve, and I'm always breeding some more if I'm running out of starters

Quote originally posted by C Dillinger:
Wow this trade shop is unreal.... so many starters! If I could have a bulbasaur and/or torchic that would be great! the Gen IV ones. FC is in my sig, and I can trade whenever!
I'm available now, wanna trade now?
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