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Quote originally posted by Varion:
not to nit pick.

But I'm very sure, Steven isn't 49.

You've said it's 32 years before R/B/G witht he adventures of the 17 year old Steven. :/

Unless I've read it wrong?
You're not wrong... This is what I was getting at... I really dislike the idea of using Steven in the past.

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
Thanks for your feedback, Nickaloose. Let me replie to you paragraph by paragraph.

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
I actually have more then 3 games in progress. Pokemon TS I quit on, because DarkDoom already had a project similar, and I didn't want to just copy everything.
Just because you had an idea that is similar to someone else's idea doesn't mean you should stop... Unless you literally read about his game then changed a little, then yeah, I'd stop haha.

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
For Pokemon Chaos Mind I quit that too, because I was also very bored of it. I don't consider me failing the games,
Getting bored and quitting is a sign of failure, sorry to tell you that.

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
Pokemon Turbulent Souls and Pokemon Chaos Mind was meant to be similar and a package of evil projects, so basicly, there just one huge project, but two big games. Most of my other games in progress are just for sharpening my skills and practice. I don't rush my game development. I quit my other projects for this one, and I go in a slow pace. Why did I quit these two projects, well one of course, I got bored, second, since I was so bored and uninterested, I didn't update as much and that caused people to also lose interest, I often had to post 5 times in a row to get attention. I think there is nothing wrong with making lots of projects, you just have to be organized. Here let me give you a list of my reccent projects and my plans.
If they are just sharpening your skills, why keep making new threads for them, knowing they will only last a week or so... People will be less inclined to comment or help if they notice you don't last longer than a bag of skittles on 1 project... Development is looooooong, there is no chance you will ever complete a game in a month or so, that is worth playing, if you get bored, maybe you should join a team instead of creating a team, seems you have no discipline, and will more than likely get bored of this one too... There is plenty wrong with making lots of projects.
Time consuming.
Too many ideas in your head.
Extra work load.
shows lack of attention.
blah blah blah.

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
Pokemon Chaos Mind: Really, really slow, almost no progress
Then quit...
Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
Pokemon Turbulent Souls: quit
Good idea.
Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
Pokemon Draconite: Slow..
Slow because of other games, or?
Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
Bloodred Boundaries: Normal....

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
So basicly, the only project I'm actually taking some time on is Pokemon Draconite and my other game. I think the reason I wasn't so succesful for P.C.M and P.T.S is because I was working alone, and I got really bored, after working almost a year on the projects and getting rarely any progress. Now, that I'm more experienced, I think I'll use my time more wisely and efficiantly.
Efficiently? Wisely? As far as I'm aware, just make maps, events, battles and encounters... It's just a long process, there is no place to be efficient or wise, you don't even have to be smart, imagination is the key, everything you need (i.e. how to make a wild encounter, trainer battles etc.) is on Wiki.

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
Steven was in the game, but only as a champion. When I started playing Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Raptor, I always wondered, what about Steven's path? What was he like as a child? And I was particularly interested in the character, so I decided to make brainstorms about Stevens path, and what he may have looked like, and his personality.
I don't think anyone will be impressed if you use Raptor as a base idea for your game...
I'll tell you what Steven would have looked like 32 years before r/b/g... Click this link...

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
I personally think mystery gift is a great feature, and it always got me excited when I got a rare Pokemon.
It is, don't get me wrong, it is a good feature... But it's common among Essentials... Let's just see how you work it shall we (if you get that far), since I won't be using it.

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
Well, since I'm using Essen. 11, why can't I include 5th gen? Maybe the 5th gen pokemon could be undiscovered to no being outside of the Draconia region, or we could say that Oak already discovered 5th gen. If theres spriters, we might actually replace 5th gen with fakemon!
Because your basing your game 32 years before r/b/g, which I don't remember encountering a Victini, if you know where it is, tell me so I can get it...

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
Okay, lets put this game 32 years before the RBG adventures then, so it makes more sense. Retromon? No thanks. Just because this is set a long time ago, doesnt mean that everything has to be old school.
It wasn't an idea for you to use...

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
Progress will come, but I have to set up a team first, thanks for your feedback though!
Oh my days... So you have no progress... Come on! Just stick to one project, for as long as possible, if you find yourself beginning to get bored or people are uninterested, let the games die in piece, and join another project... I'm working on a game alone, except for help from Maruno, FL ., and a couple other people who contribute/help, here and there... So far my game has taken me around 6 months I guess, however, I've had 2 games since a long time ago, 1 died because of a dead hard drive, and now my recent one... The one that died was unfortunate since it was like a week off being a full game... The one I'm on now is probably a month or so, from being a complete game... Depending how much I work on it.

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
I updated the thread with more plot and info.
I glimpsed over it...

If you want my advice, here it is, I will spoiler it, so you don't have to read it.

Work on one project or join another team.
Kick Steven out the game.
If you want to use Steven, I suggest you make a game a couple years before he became champion and work up to a climax, that is him being the champion... Also, Steven has a standard team, he doesn't use Pachirisu or Raikou... So again, if you use Steven, YOU will have to control the outcome of his Pokémon origins, which could work, if you do it right, I created a 15 minute game once for school and it used a process of playing through Ash's life, how he claimed Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Caterpie, etc... Turned out it was a good idea and almost everyone loved it, minus the few who couldn't capture their favorite Pokémon... And that's when I got into development.
Make progress, need help, post here... Almost everyone here is willing to help... Even myself, providing it's worth my time to help, I'm not going to help a dead project or a project I can see will take a dive.
You've got the ideas, your using them on the wrong character though, create a new one or base your game more around Steven's era.
Don't use all Gen I-V, Pokémon, just use a couple generations, every one of the games that have demos, DO NOT, use a lot of Pokémon, and when my game has a thread and stuff, I won't be either... Sometimes, less is more.

Try and complete a couple maps, starter Pokémon, encounters and a couple events, and post progress here, once you have those down, your 2% complete with your game, all you need now is another 20 towns or cities and 25 routes and voila, game complete, easy, no? (obviously don't make 40 maps worth or towns and cities + routes, do what you have planned), maybe even do things in a routine;
  • make the maps. (because... You need them.)
  • make the encounters. (^ self explanatory)
  • make the battles. (because you have the encounters there to give you a base on what level trainer Pokémon should be)
  • make the events. (because you need a region with life, right?)
  • make the story events. (this is your game, right?)

What's left? Releasing the game... Boom! You're done... Don't give yourself too much work load... It's as simple as 5 points.

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