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PC's 30 Days of Video Gaming (V3)
(as a celebration-warm-up of the upcoming E3! And yes, this was made with given permission beforehand.)

Hello boys and girls, if you remember the 30 days of video gaming here before, you'll probably know what to expect. If you don't, let me give you a brief lowdown:
In this challenge, all you have to do is answer each topic question that comes up in each day. These are all Video Game related. Now, some are generally specific in some areas than others, but for the most part, you can answer these for any part of the franchise that relates to video gaming. Get creative with responses! Here is the list of questions:

Day 01 - Your favourite video game(s)
Day 02 - Your least favourite video game(s)
Day 03 - A video game that is underrated
Day 04 - Your favorite video game accessory
Day 05 - Your favourite video game character(s)
Day 06 - A character(s) that you don't much care for
Day 07 - Your recent video game purchase
Day 08 - Best soundtrack
(s) in a video game
Day 09 - Best ending in a video game
Day 10 - What consoles do you own?
Day 11 - What video game are you looking forward to purchasing?
Day 12 - What video game-related merchandise do you own?
Day 13 - A Video game that you don't own anymore, but wish to play again someday
Day 14 - Your best accomplishments in any video game
Day 15 - Favourite video game company
Day 16 - Least favourite video game company
Day 17 - Favourite antagonist
Day 18 - Favourite protagonist
Day 19 - What video game world would you live in?
Day 20 - Do you prefer Consoles, or Handheld video games?
Day 21 - Video Game/Series with the best story
Day 22 - A video game which disappointed you
Day 23 - Video game that had the most appealing graphics
Day 24 - Your first video game
Day 25 - A Video Game that had the best mechanics
Day 26 - A video game that had the best voice acting
Day 27 - Your favourite Boss Battle
Day 28 - The hardest boss fight(s) you've ever been in
Day 29 - Which video game character
(s) would you be?
Day 30 - Which video game
(s) has defined these last 30 days for you?

Depending on what day of the challenge it is, you will answer that day's question.

- The Day it is (Day 01 and so on, and please remember not to put the full date): the question from that day
- Why you picked whatever the question asks
- Optional: A video or picture from relating to that question.
- Whenever a day has passed, I'll be crossing it off from this list, just to avoid confusion.

Originally Posted by Example Post
Day 00: How should I post this?
This way - This is essentially the format that is used in these types of things; this is where you'd normally type the answer to the question, as well as any reasons why / any images / video's you'd want.

When does it start?

It pretty much starts now! You may post at any time to join, or, you can simply say that you will part-take, and are free to join at any time. The cutoff times will be midnight central time (-6).

Late to the challenge? Fear not!

Latecomers should post with whatever the current day asks of them, but they can post earlier ones as well, if they want to catch up to everyone else. If you have any concerns, check this post as I'll be crossing the days off as we do them.

*formerly known as Miss Doronjo* NES DiscussionOBJECTION!30 Days of Gaming
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