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Quote originally posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers:
Ermegerd. First there is no Homestuck RPs and now all of a sudden, there is two (albeit mine is finely masked). Good luck with it, I guess, I just hope it won't move faster than mine so that you'll spoil stuff for my players lol :p I've been trying to not tell them the real plot and all details yet.
Thank you! I also hope it doesn't go faster... or slower than yours... or else that would be rather atrocious xD

Quote originally posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic:
Um, If you could save me a spot until tonight or tomorrow that would be swell!

@Red: I know right? Crazy. Homestuck is invading O_O
Sure thing! By the mystical GM powers I have been granted, I hereby declare you RESERVED for as much as 48 real time hours decide to last
Also, how is Homestuck invading just know... WHEN IT WAS ALREADY HERE?!

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