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Originally Posted by nouswalkons View Post
I was just training up my Buizel and finally got to Lv. 26 so it evolved, and then right after when I checked my new Floatzel it says its somehow Lv. 29 and has some extra exp points on it. I suppose this could be considered a weird bug... although I'm not really complaining since it saves me three levels of training. am I the only who's encountered something like this?
Because Buizel/Floatzel is a Fakémon as far as the base game is concerned, their way of working isn't the same as D/P/P/B/W/B2/W2. My guess is the Pokémon replaced in both slots have different behaviours in terms of their experience. As a result, it suddenly showed extra growth where it wasn't expected.

That's my best guess. 1158, which Pokémon did you replace there?

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