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∣ Teashi
∣ Form:
Signing Up

Chapter Zero: Part Zero

Name: Teashi
Sex: Male
Race: Wolf

Path: Actively Searching for Paradise

Appearance: He is a white Arctic Wolf, with deep red eyes and a moderate build. His pelt is fairly well groomed and clean, seeming to glisten in certain lightings. His expression is one always deep in thought, sometimes to the point where he could look ready to dismiss anyone else as unimportant.

In Human disguise, he has soft white hair and the same deep red eyes, with light skin. He wears a black trench coat with a red button shirt beneath, and black jeans. He looks intriguing, yet not suspicious.

Personality: Will be shown in the RP.

History: This is also top-secret.

Passcode: Pssh, I don't need to use my own password!