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Quote originally posted by anhlong1122:
I have got Ice Smash on my Heracross for days but it doesn't do any good.
Ice Smash TM was obtained long before you reach Lauren, right?
So maybe Focus Punch?
I'm not sure which boulders are in your way.

Quote originally posted by rik_kingdra_93:
i'm very sure, i dont missed anything. because the tm focuspunch you only get after the gym before, arent you ? so after this ive broke the stones and go to the next town. is there anything i must do before i can talk to the gymleader?
Have you spoken with everyone in the city?
There might be some event that makes leader appear...

Quote originally posted by anhlong1122:
Can anyone help me find the enigma berry please?
It's in Berry House... I already answered this... search this thread, please.
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