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Originally Posted by Classic Sonic View Post
Thank you for the approval :)
Thank you for the club ;)

Section Updates!

Whenever changes are made which aren't regarding the specific clubs, I'll be posting them here in this thread. These will mainly cover changes in the rules, but also things such as official competitions, possible changes in the layout of the section, the addition of important announcements and stickies, and other minor things. The more urgent ones (mainly rules) will be bolded, so if you don't care about the rest, just pay notice to those :)

- The 1 month revival rule has been brought back in effect, as the current one doesn't really work as intended, and as a club essentially is dead after one month without replies, and usally won't really benefit much from the additional two months. This decision was pretty much sparked from what some of you members brought up, so if you have any ideas to help improve the section, (Ideas for new rules or rule changes, ideas for competitions, and whatever you feel like could help improve the section), it'd be much appreciated if you'd either bring them up in the feedback thread or PM them to me. :)

- Revoked clubs will no longer be mentioned here in the thread, as a PM explaining exactly why the club wasn't approved is usually sent to those who made the clubs anyways. Updates on approvals and closure of clubs, as well the section updates will of course still be posted in here.